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Wedding Colors that Photograph Well

Wedding Colors that Photograph Well

Close your eyes for a moment and think back to the weddings you’ve attended over the years. What images and colors come to mind? Are you picturing beautiful red roses in the middle of tables, or perhaps cheerful pink bridesmaid dresses and bouquets? When you’re deciding on your wedding colors, it’s important to select shades that will photograph well. After all the time and effort you put into creating your special day, you want to be able to capture all of it in the most beautiful way possible, especially when selecting your bridesmaids dresses. Here are a few tips for select wedding colors that photograph well.

 The Brighter The Better

In general, darker or bolder colors will photograph better than lighter colors. Colors such as beige, cream, peach, pale pink, and yellow are so light that people wearing this shade can appear washed out in photographs. Dress colors that are similar to a person’s skin tone will often not translate well on camera. In addition, flowers that are very light in color do not stand out in photographs as much as bold and bright shades do. Think bright purple orchids, orange roses or bright pink peonies for bouquets that will photograph amazingly.

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 Let It Shine

Some people choose colors such as white, silver, and gold for their wedding palettes, but these colors will have the same problems as pastel colors: they will not stand out in the ceremony and reception decorations or on your bridesmaids. This doesn’t mean you should avoid using these hues at all, just make sure you select contrasting accents shades so that your photographs are vibrant and eye-catching.

In The Dark

Deeper colors such as red, fuschia, navy blue, plum, burgundy, dark green, and purple will photograph better than pastel or nude colors. Not only are darker colors generally more flattering and slimming on people, they also photograph well because there is more of a contrast between the dress and skin tone. Additionally, when your wedding flowers are bolder, deeper, and more vibrant colors, they will photograph better than white flowers. Black and white photos are popular with many brides, and deeper shades of flowers will stand out more than pale-colored blooms. Warm, vibrant colors will also add an air of cheer to your wedding.

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So when you are choosing your wedding colors, consider how they will look in photographs, since your wedding photos are forever! Everyone will see your wedding photos, and they are permanent keepsakes, so you will want to be sure to choose colors that will photograph well and add to the beauty of your special day.

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