Monday 19th February 2018,
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Steve Payne Illustrates Celebrities as Neoclassical Paintings

George Dawe was an English portrait artist who painted 329 portraits of Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia.Steve Payne uses digital copies of these paintings as a basis for his own work which involves incorporating celebrities into the paintings using photoshop.

1-Brad-Pitt1 2-Bill-Murray1 3-Clint-Eastwood1 4-David-Bowie1 5-Elvis-Presley1 6-Leonardo-DiCaprio1 7-Jean-Claude-Van-Damme1 8-Bob-Dylan1 9-Bruce-Willis1 10-Chuck-Norris1 11-Eddy-Murphy1 12-Hugh-Jackman1 13-Iggy-Pop1 14-Matt-Damon1 15-Keith-Richards1 16-Will-Smith1 17-Will-I-Am1 18-Sylvester-Stallone1 19-Samuel-L-Jackson1 20-Robert-Downey-JR1 21-Patrick-Swayze1 22-Mr-T1 23-Michael-Jackson1 24-Dave-Grohl1 25-Franck-Zappa1 26-Alan-Rickman1 27-Mickey-Rourke1 28-Dwayne-Johnson1 29-John-Cena1 30-George-Lucas1 31-Gary-Barlow1 32-Jet-Li1 33-Michael-Clarke-Duncan1 34-Neil-Armstrong1 35-Ricky-Gervais1 36-Sir-Chris-Hoy1 37-Simon-Pegg1 38-Sir-Tom-Jones1

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