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How To Do A Project 365

Shane Clarkson February 5, 2013 Tutorials No Comments on How To Do A Project 365
How To Do A Project 365

How To Do A Project 365

by Shane Clarkson 

When you think about it, a year goes by incredibly fast. And tell the truth – most of those 365 days are boring. Not every day can be fun and exciting, and that’s okay. But most of those boring days go by and then you promptly forget the details, large or small. A great way to remember these days and to document your entire year is a Project 365. A Project 365 is basically a project in which you somehow document every day of an entire year, whether through drawing, painting, writing, or my focus today, photography.

You can start a Project 365 on any day of the year. Some people might think that you should start it on a significant day, such as the first of the year or on your birthday. I disagree. You can start your Project on any day that the muse inspires you to do so.

I’m starting a Project 365 today, so I’ll walk you through my plans, and hopefully inspire you to try one for yourself.

Now, I have a wonderful DSLR camera, but it has one drawback. It’s a bit big and bulky, and it’s hard to carry it everywhere. While hopefully I can take a few photos for my Project with it, they will mostly be taken using my iPhone and the app Camera +. Whatever kind of camera you decide to you is perfectly acceptable. After all, it’s your project.

You also need to decide whether you are going to share your Project 365 with anyone. You can use sites such at,,, or any such variation. There are also photography sharing sites, such as or You can even share it on Facebook, creating a photo album just for your Project 365. I’m choosing to share mine on my wordpress blog.

Once you’ve decided on your camera and where (or if!) you are going to share your Project, you have to decide what you are going to take photographs of. Some people choose to take a picture of the same place or view every day, and see how it changes throughout the year. Others prefer to take a picture of themselves once a day. I prefer to take a picture of something different every day, preferably something that showcases what my day included or was like. For example, if I spend all day at college, my photograph will probably be of something on campus. If I go to a play, I might take a picture of the theater. And so on.

You’re ready to begin! It’s time to take your first photograph, and remember, carry your camera with you everywhere.


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