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Inspiration is all around you. For some it is the nature, for some it may be the works of some great photographer and artists whom they regard as icons while for some it may be the mundane reality all around. The source of creativity can often be traced to many realities around everyone but it is one’s passion and skills in any art that realizes his or her works. In photography, like in any other art, it is the honing of the skills that matter the most once the creative urge is already omnipresent.

Featured Pixels offers a horde of photography tutorials which can assist you to discover the fascinating technicalities of cameras, lights, graphics, shades and weaving stories into still images and much more. Photography is one of those art forms that combines creativity and deft technical knowhow and that is what makes it all the more special.  With the photography tutorials we put forth, you can learn every aspect of photography and explore the tips and tricks of cameras and lights from photographer interviews and how they bring about the eventual image that they wish to. Our photography tutorials are not just a mere learning experience but a revelation.

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