Monday 19th February 2018,
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Photographer & Artist Interviews

Photographer & Artist Interviews

In photography, as with any other art, there is no better way to learn and hone one’s skills than by learning it from the very best in the field. Every aspiring photographer has a role model or perhaps many favorite photographers and artists. Those who are now regarded as legends and veterans in the world of photography also had their sources of inspiration and artists they had looked up to. Right from the times of artist Bernini through the era of painter Van Gogh to photographer Edward Weston to the present day stalwarts in photography and design, hearing from the masters of the craft is always an evolutionary and priceless experience.

Featured Pixels brings to you photographer interviews and artist interviews from across the world. From photographers specializing in certain genres to designers and graphic artists, you can hear from all your favorite photographers and also some you may not have yet encountered, all right here at Featured Pixels. Our photographer interviews go at length discussing the craft, highlights personal experiences and through the trials and tribulations of their life and grooming, you can learn the finer subtleties of becoming a great photographer and to also challenge the conventions that are set out in the world of art.

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