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LensBaby Composer Pro Review

LensBaby Composer Pro Review

“Some photographers have been a bit skeptical about the Lensbaby, and have written it off as a fad. After five years in the market, Lensbaby sales are still very steady and growing. I think the reason for this growth is that more and more photographers are recognizing that Lensbaby lenses provide a unique way to control depth of field, which is one of the fundamental elements of photography. When used with care, the photographic results can be quite stunning, and in many cases a Lensbaby is the perfect tool to get a very creative result.” (Sam Pardue, CEO, Co-Founder, Lensbaby, LLC)

I have been in love the with idea of the Lensbaby for a long time. It’s totally unique, and has always provided crazy control over your depth of field. Sadly, in the earlier versions it was difficult to get any real control. They still gave you interesting, artistic images, but now…The Composer Pro has really stepped things up for the line. Not to mention, is available for all these brands: Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Alpha A, Pentax K , Olympus 4/3, micro 4/3rds, Sony NEX, Samsung NX.


We tested out the Composer Pro lens, which is a 50mm(on a full frame) device that tilts, swivels and then locks in place in order to selectively blur the world around you. It is full on manual focus, which takes a lot of getting used to if you don’t normally shoot that way. What really separates the Composer Pro from the other Lensbaby lens’, is that you have control over the aperture. Because of this feature you can have surprisingly sharp photographs, and way more control doing long exposures. Unlike Lensbabys other lens’ which has no aperture control, and no locking mechanism to allow you to shoot on a tripod and take your time.

The Composer Pro is compatible with all optics in the Optic Swap System and ships with either the Sweet 35 or Double Glass Optic installed.

It’s extremely light weight, which is a really nice change for me. Yes, at $300 I can see how people would be skeptical to buy it, especially when Lensbaby has so many other, cheaper lens…but I highly recommend in this situation you DO NOT cheap out. It is WORTH the extra money, and the features truly make the Composer Pro a professional lens. For me the aperture hardly ever goes above f/5.6.  The Lensbaby effect is still very much there, but that sharpness really helps you focus and expand the spot that is in focus. The lower the aperture, the sharper that sweet spot is, and in turn it makes that depth of field and blur zone so much more prominent.

“The refined and enhanced Composer Pro has an all-metal ball that gives you a more exact, smooth focus and tilt control and will retain its position after being bent, which makes it easy to use even with one hand. Simply tilt the lens to a desired angle and then focus with a traditional barrel focusing ring.”

The Composer Pro is a special lens because it lets you step beyond the “normal” bounds of photography and create unique shots you may not have expected or would have been otherwise impossible. All doing so without even entering photoshop. This lens calls to the creative purists of the photo world. I, personally, am a fiend for sharpness. Sometimes I can’t stand the pictures that I end up with when shooting with this lens….but that is not the lens’ fault. Because when I am actually shooting the right subject, on the right settings, the picture turns out amazing. It’s just about finding a subject that this type of blur, and distortion compliments.

Once you get your hands on one, it will change your artistic perspective forever! :)

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