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Katerina Plotnikova: Stunningly Surreal Portraits With REAL Wild Animals

Katerina Plotnikova: Stunningly Surreal Portraits With REAL Wild Animals


Photography can be such a wonderful medium. An excellent form of art, taking photos can seem easy, but when you really get into the artistic measures of it photography can delve to many different levels. So what’s the difference in taking pictures an photographing? What an amazing question. These days, anyone can take a picture, with smart phones, tablets… so many forms of technology, it’s really quite simple. But to really get into photography you have to go beyond just taking pictures, you must think as if there is not box. Be different from what you’ve seen, don’t be afraid to allow your min to dream big and then capture your big thoughts on camera.

Take a look at Katerina Plotnikova, a daring photographer; to take a risk an have an outstanding result. Models so close to wild animals. Embracing one another, in areas that would generally seem outlandish and not thought of as a photographers set, but all these things come together, they fit! Exquisitely beautiful in an unnatural way… wild animals calmly interacting with humans. And she isn’t your only example. Look at some work shot by Annie Leibovitz and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Don’t be afraid to experiment an really get your thoughts and heartsĀ desiresĀ in a photograph.

Photography isn’t just aiming a camera and snapping the picture. Anyone can do that. What you must consider is everything. Lighting, elements, backgrounds and so much more. All these things will help you to bring your vision to life in the photo. Look at the way pixels are being used today! A wonderful way for you to bring life into your work. Make your photos your own and you’ll truly capture the attention of many.

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