Monday 11th December 2017,
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How To Hide “Browse In Bridge” in Photoshop CS6

One of the biggest pet peeves among many Photoshop users is the silly option to “Browse In Bridge” that is inconveniently located right next to the open option in your menu bar. This particular issues lies with those who don’t use bridge obviously. I searched the web for this solution for quite some time, but it was rather overpopulated with the method to remove the “Browse in Bridge” option in the right click context menu, which isnt really an issue for me. With the Browse in Bridge option gone from your menus, you pretty much remove any chance of accidentally launching bridge when you really don’t want to.

To do this it is rather simple. Open Photoshop and choose Edit -> Menus. Then choose File and click on the eyeball next to Browse in Bridge and voila, your annoyance is now gone.

How to Hide Browse In Bridge

How to Hide Browse In Bridge

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