Monday 19th February 2018,
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France Photographer, Vincent Xeridat

Vincent Xeridat is an Artisan Baker, and he has always been passionate about artistic expression; after trying to make electronic music and painting, he turned to photography in which he pays serious attention to detail. In 2009, he bought his first SLR camera, and the pleasure he felt in this field was so intense that he decided to sell all of his electronic music equipment to fund his new photographic equipment. Always versatile, he practices several photographic styles, such as fashion, landscape, sports, macro art etc.. to capitalize on all these techniques taken to develop his style and technique. Today we wanted to show you one of his newer pieces.

Zanzibar Sunset

zanzibar sunset - vincent xeridat

Check out some more of his work by clicking one of the links below.

500px, Facebook, Website 

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