Monday 19th February 2018,
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Facebook Slowly Drives Content Creators To Alternatives: Is This The End of Facebook?

There are a series of videos that you need to watch to truly understand what has happened to Facebook since it conception and thanks to Veritasium, we can get a better grasp of how things work and what this means to you and content creators. 

I know first-hand that Facebook’s advertising model is deeply flawed. When I paid to promote my page I gained 80,000 followers in developing countries who didn’t care about Veritasium (but I wasn’t aware of this at the time). They drove my reach and engagement numbers down, basically rendering the page useless. I am not the only one who has experienced this. Rory Cellan-Jones had the same luck with Virtual Bagel:…

“The US Department of State spent $630,000 to acquire 2 million page likes and then realized only 2% were engaged.

To demonstrate that this is happening currently, the guys behind Veritasium created Virtual Cat ( and through the process found that false likes were coming from everywhere, including Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.

So even those carefully targeting their campaigns are likely being duped into spending real money on fake followers. Then when they try to reach their followers they have to pay again.

This theory proves that even if you go the legitimate route and pay facebook for advertising, it is likely you will still end up with bogus accounts liking your page.

via Veritasium

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