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Erik Almas – An Artisitc Soul

Erik Almas, is originally from Norway. When he decided to become a photographer he made San Francisco his home, and then went to school! He is shooting constantly, traveling around the world for clients such as Toyota, Puma, Nike, Hyatt, USPS, Citibank and Amtrak. Erik seems to be down-to-earth, and extremely kind. He truly loves what he does, and happens to be one of the most  talented compositor’s I have ever seen. Along with shooting beautiful commercial images for the clients mentioned above…he really enjoys shooting fashion stories with passion, artistic flair and beauty.

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Photography sort of fell in my lap. When looking back at how I became a photographer it is almost like it rained on me.


I grew up in Trondheim, Norway. A big city by Norwegian standards but barely a blip on the map with its population of 150,000 people. I remember vividly the day I moved to the US to study photography flying in over the Bay Area at night. The lights went on forever. I was 22 and felt really small, intimidated by the number of lights and what they illuminated. I attended the Academy of Art University for 4 years. Had some truly inspiring teachers that changed my goals from shooting sporting events for my hometown newspaper to wanting to create great images.


For you to shoot something amazing, to create a piece of art that evokes, you have to be connected to it. There is and amazing quote that I love and it says: “the more personal you make it, the more universal it becomes.” So for people to respond to the pictures you take, it has to come from the heart.


The image of the woman wading in the water is a signature piece of mine and in some ways it has defined me as a photographer. I shot this about nine years ago and at the time I was scratching the surface of what would be my style of photography. After getting the film from the lab and working with the scans in Photoshop I realized that this was it. This picture embodied all the things I wanted to capture in my imagery. The landscape and its light quality, the color palette and its painterly feeling, and the emotion and the subtle metaphors evoked by the girl wading in the water. What I wanted to capture had been brewing in me for some time and the atmosphere and light in this picture sort of came to the surface. I became conscious of the light and emotion that attracted me, and all the pictures I have taken since have in many ways been based on this one photograph.


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