Monday 11th December 2017,
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Dave Lehl Lights Up Skateboarding Photographs With Fireworks

Dave Lehl,  an action, adventure, and lifestyle photographer from Denver, Colorado has produced some beautiful photographs using fireworks to create incredible skateboarding photographs. Lehl wanted to do something a little different with action photography and attempt to create something different that many of us haven’t seen used with sports photography.

There is a beautiful video from Vimeo, posted above, which shows the behind the scenes and some in depth discussion on Dave’s processes behind this shoot.

Initially Lehl’s attempted to use smoke bombs behind the skater and in front of the flash.  While the effect didn’t last long, about 30 seconds each, it created just enough atmosphere for the shoot.


Dave goes on to shoot the skaters with sparklers to the end of the skateboard. While first watching the skaters jam, he chose a few tricks that might be ideal, and went with it. Lehl then took two seperate photographs, one with the fireworks, and one of the skater with flash. By using a long exposure  (2s, f/5.6) he manages to capture just enough light from the firework trails. On the second photograph, Lehl used a flash (1/1000s, f/5.6) to capture the athlete and combine the photographs together to create an almost surreal look.



(via Dave Lehl via Fstoppers)

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