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Ansel Adams, A Creative Artist – Kind Soul

Ansel Adams, A Creative Artist – Kind Soul

Ansel Adams is our first featured artist for a reason…

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”

Ansel Adams was truly one of a kind. He not only had an obsession with taking timeless photographs of the American landscape, he also has been a visionary in his efforts to preserve the planets wildlife. Ansel was drawn to the beauty of his surroundings, blessed to see nature in ways a simple mind could not. Because of that he is now a renowned artist who many other photographers look up to for inspiration, and he is also hugely respected by environmentalists.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was born in San Fransisco, Feb. 20 1902. He spent his childhood days playing in the sand dunes beyond the Golden Gate where he gained an appreciation for nature, which would become his primary source of photographic inspiration. Nearly every day found him hiking the dunes or meandering along Lobos Creek, or out to the very edge of the American continent. For Ansel there was no real separation between the experience of nature and the experience of art. The way I believe, every artist should think.

Although Ansel intended to be a concert Pianist, his love for nature and capturing it through photography conquered his passion for music. Musical training also provided Adams with serious self-discipline, which allowed him to carry the art of photography to new heights of scientific precision.


As he learned the craft necessary to accomplish creative photography, his hobby turned into a passion and a career and his photographs turned into fine art. Since then, many of his images, are among the best known in the photographic world. More than 1,000,000 copies of his books, including a personal favorite “Ansel Adams, An Autobiography”, have been sold, and more than 5000 students have attended his workshops.

Over the years, Ansel saw his muse, the wilderness threatened. Slowly but surely the natural resources depleted, so he became increasingly supportive of , and eventually extremely active in the movement to protect the earth’s land, air and water. This is the reason I personally, am so fond of this man. He was able to see nature as it truly was, our beautiful lifeline. Sadly despite all of his efforts there are still a lot of people on this planet who choose to ignore what is going on in our society. Ansel once said…”It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” He did his very best, tell his very last breath to make a difference. To open peoples eyes.

Yosemite Valley


Sadly during my research process for this article, I have come to notice two things. One being how hard it is to find a place on the web that is 100% dedicated to Ansel Adams, which also has the majority of his works and information available for viewing. Not even the official website for him had close to enough for me to put together this article! Luckily I have his autobiography. Two being how many “photographers” use his name to get more traffic to their website. You search his name in Google and the majority of the pictures that pop up are not his, they are other peoples black and white landscapes, and somewhere along the line they think it’s alright to plop his name in there. I personally, do not think that is okay. Especially when I see people writing in the description of the photographs, that they themselves don’t believe they should be comparing themselves, to him. Then why are you tagging your photograph Ansel Adams?
Anyways. I hope you learned a little here today, and I hope this article encourages you to go on your own Ansel Adams hunt…maybe even buy his autobiography so you can really see how he connected with nature.


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