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An Interview with Willow Greene

Willow Greene is a conceptual portrait photographer based out of California. She is young, and just starting to explore all of her talent. Keep reading to find out more about her, and stay tuned on Featured Pixels for upcoming tutorials by Willow Greene herself.  — Instagram: @moody_mind, Tumblr, Facebook

Tell us a little bit about you? Where do you live?

I am 17 years old and am a senior in high school. I live in California, but have lived all around the united states. I was born in Seattle and I feel that is my true home.

Have you attended school/taken any courses for photography?

I have not. I have learned everything I know about photography on my own, from trial and error, the internet, and my friends.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise our readers?

I am really tall, at least most people think so, I am 5 ft 11.5 inches tall. Something else surprising is that I have been riding horses since I was 4 years old. Also I am a music addict. I am always on Spotify; I swear it has changed my life. Also, I love my room. I am fascinated with creating a personal space, where you really feel at home and somewhere you can be at peace.

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What do you think of the current state of the art industry/where do you see it in 5 years?

I see it becoming even more accessible to people. I see more art mediums becoming a part of social media, rather than just photography. I see our generation making art a form of communication with the world and creating some serious changes to the way things are done.

List 3 things you wish you had done sooner in your career.

I wish I started self portraits earlier, made my instagram sooner than I did, and I wish I had started shooting manual sooner.

List 3 photographers you admire – past and/or present.

1.) Brittney Panda– she is so effortless and simple. Just her and her camera, adventuring through the abandoned gems of North America. She has influenced me so much and she is so mysterious. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her some day

2.) Kayla Varley– she works with so many amazing models and has such a beautiful style. I love her self portraits

3.) Ansel Adams– his film and darkroom work is incredible. I love his landscapes. He makes me want to learn more about film and develop my own photos.

I also have to added Julia Trotti. She has been someone I admire for a very long time. She went after what she wanted with photography and she got it. I am so proud of where she is and have been following her work for many years.

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What is your favorite gear?

I love my canon 5D original. I had been using my moms canon rebel XT for everything until I got the 5D last june. Having a full frame camera is amazing. The canon 50 mm 1.4 is a flawless lens. Love it

Do you use editing software, like Photoshop, to add flair or drama?

Yes. I edit all my photos in photoshop CS6, to expand, crop, retouch and adjust curves. I also love the app VSCO cam for filters, I just wish it didn’t ruin the quality.

Is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

Yes. When I got my 5D none of my old lenses fit, because they were EF-S and the 5D only takes EF lenses. So last summer I was going on vacation and I needed a telephoto lens. So I bought a 75-300 mm. Worst lens. I have the least expensive model, so maybe the others are better, but the EF-S 55-250 is way better.

What are you trying to communicate with your photography?

Emotion, frustration, and my own personal journey. I am trying to create photos that people can’t stop looking at.

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What inspires you to create?

Everything. I am really inspired and fascinated by the human body and emotions. I am also greatly inspired by architecture, interiors, and landscapes. I feel like my photos aren’t complete until I have a person in it. Fashion also really inspires me to create. I love forming shoots around a new piece of clothing.

Is photography your full time job or just a hobby?

Right now a hobby. I am going to be studying graphic design in college, which will be my full time job in the future. I want to supplement it with my photography and continue photography as my passion. I am open to doing work on the side, I just don’t want it to be my main source of income because I want it to stay my passion and I want to have control over what I choose to do with it. I don’t want it to have to put food on the table, because it wouldn’t be the same.

Which 5 words would your friends use to describe you?

Intuitive, creative, unique, authentic, silly

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What is your greatest fear?

I have such a positive outlook on the future and am so excited about it and I am worried I won’t be happy, like adult life and stress will take hold.

And the last question, if I could transport you to a location you’ve always wanted to shoot, where would it be?…

WOW. That is a tough one. Probably this really high wooden train bridge in Washington, that I will hopefully eventually visit. Or anywhere in Italy. Or any abandoned mansion. Or anywhere with trees and fog. So many places to see….

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Instagram: @moody_mind, Tumblr, Facebook

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