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An Interview with Paul Tellefsen

Paul Tellefsen is a guy with drive! He is making a documentary about instagram, and peoples journey through art and social media.


Tell us a little bit about you? Where do you consider home?

I’m 20 and I have 10001 nicknames, but most people call me technopaul (yes it has a lowercase t). Currently, I am in the middle of making a documentary called Instagram Is. it is a documentary sharing the experiences of Instagram users, what Instagram is to them and how it is impacting their life and the community around them. Bottom line it is a tool to make people ask themselves how Instagram is affecting their life. ( (

I graduate from University this May 2013 with a degree in Emerging Media and Communications. I work full time for Gateway Church as the Media Coordinator for the young adults ministry, VII. I reside in Dallas, TX, but I love the mountains and the wild. I am a wayfarer at heart.

Have you attended school/taken any courses for Photography?

You know I took a photo class in high school, which was all film based, but I actually shoot only digital now. I’m getting the pull back to film though.

I am going to school for Emerging Media and Communication so art and photography have a lot do to with it. But most of what I know now was self-taught or learned from experience.

List 3 photographers you admire – past and/or present.

Meshali Mitchell– this girl is TALENTED. Her photos are a call back to organic and they scream southern.

Ansel Adams– I know a little cliché. But growing up my dad was wild about Ansel and I realize I get a lot of the photography and adventure bug from my dad.

Chris Ozer– I discovered Chris on Instagram, but was immediately drawn to his details.

Could you tell us something that few people know about you?

I ‘m not a hipster because don’t like coffee or jam and I think the smell of Cheerios is disgusting. :) I used to be an introvert.

What do you think of the current state of the photography industry/where do you see it in 5 years?

There are an exponential greater number of people in the world who have access to photography equipment, but just because everyone can take a photo doesn’t make everyone a photographer. It isn’t the camera that makes the photographer it’s the eye. You either have the eye or you don’t. DSLR photography will never disappear, much like the newspaper, but I think in the future it will change drastically. I think we are just on the edge of this transition from DSLR to Mobile.

List 3 things you wish you had done sooner in your career.

Taken More Risks, Doubted Myself Less, Traveled More

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera, where would you go?

I would take a world tour of rooftops or sit in the cockpit of an airplane.


What in our world, inspires you the most?

People… Creation too.

What is your current gear setup?

Canon 60D, 50mm 1.4 & 1.8, 17-50mm 2.8, Rode Shotgun Microphone / iPhone, olloclip, Joby Gorillapod

What is your favorite lens and why?

I cannot go anywhere without my 50mm 1.4. The depth is incredible and it enhances any story I am conveying. I would love to own the 1.2. Well that and the 5DMIII

What lighting equipment do you take on a regular shoot if any?

Natural Lighting is my go to. I love the limitations it places on my process, it makes me more creative. But a good softbox is always nice.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

For DSLR, Photoshop is not overly important. I love an image that requires ZERO editing. When I do edit most of the time it’s VSCO or Photoshop.

For Mobile I do edit almost everything. I try to edit my photos to make it seem like they were never edited.

Are you a Mac or PC lover?

I’m a Mac.

What or who got you started in photography?

I remember looking through photos as a child in our old photo albums. Most of the landscape photos where taken by my dad. I LOVED them. I’m realizing now that my dad has been one of the largest influences in my passion to pursue photography. I couldn’t tell you what gear he had back then though. But it all really started in middle school. My parents got a little Nikon camera and I went crazy taking photos and then over time this translated to me starting a contract media business when I was 12, technopaul productions. The rest is history. (

If you weren’t a professional photographer, what would you like to be doing?

Music. It’s my other passion in life and a lot of my images get tied to music in my head. There is something so powerful about music and images together.

Which 5 words would your friends use to describe you?

Dreamer, Mature, Creative, Grounded, Black and White

What is your greatest fear?

For a long time it had been change. But as I grow older this is becoming less and less scary. Now I think I fear a little that I do fear so little.

Do you have a favorite movie? Favorite television show?

I was a big fan of LOST back in the day. Would you believe though I never watched the last episode…..don’t tell me…. It was all a dream

And the last question, What would you do if you won the lottery?…

First I would tithe, but then I think I would travel for a month and meet all the incredible people I have met through Instagram, then put the rest into savings and go back to work. I like work to much to quit.


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