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An Interview with Jaden Smiley

Jaden Smiley is a conceptual photographer from Lake Chelan, Washington. Jaden started shooting in 2009, and fell head over heals in love with creating art. He get’s inspiration from the natural world, and brings a surreal, almost magical feeling to all of his photographs using Photoshop. His portfolio is gorgeous, and filled with pieces that will make you explore the depths of your imagination. Check out the links to his different social media paegs, and read our interview with him below.

Facebook, Flickr, Viewbug, Instagram


Have you attended school/taken any courses for photography?

I took a class in high school but none of the stuff they taught me I really use today.

Could you tell us something that few people know about you?

Well I don’t like loud things I prefer quietness haha and I really like old b&w movies :)


What in our world, inspires you the most?

Nature inspires me the most whenever I need inspiration, I just go outside.

What is your favorite gear?

My favorite gear would be my canon 5d markIII and my 50mm1.2


Do you use editing software, like Photoshop, to add flair or drama?

Yes I use Photoshop CC

How did you start getting yourself noticed?

I made a instagram account and people seam to like my work so I made other social media accounts like Flickr, Viewbug and Facebook


Is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

Cheap tripods, they always break its not worth the hassle.

What are you trying to communicate with your photography?

with most of my photographs I try portray a story something a bit magical that you don’t really see in your everyday life


List 3 photographers you admire – past and/or present.

1.Katerina Plotnikova
2.Rosie Hardy
3.Anka Zhuravleva

What is your greatest fear?

Going blind because I wouldn’t be able to see all the amazing and beautiful thing in this world

And the last question, What would you do if you could be invisible with your camera?…

I would go to huge photo shoots for famous people and take photos of them haha


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