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An Interview with Amanda Diaz – Creative Fashion Photographer

Amanda Diaz, Creative Fashion Photographer

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Where do you consider home?

Toronto, Ontario and would like to move back there one day!
(Currently living in Edmonton)

Did you attend school for Photography?

I studied graphic design, I needed to complete the course with an additional subject so I chose photography. I didn’t know I would fall in love with it at the time!


How long have you been a photographer?

Since mid 2008.

How long have you been into photo manipulation?

I knew adobe photo shop before I ever studied photography. So I’ve been at it for over 10 years.

How would you describe your style?

I love fashion mixed with art/ paintings So it’s a cross between the Two

What do you think of the current state of the photography industry and where do you see it in 5 years from now?

Well, a lot of people buy cameras and will state right away they are “photographers” this is a common thing as most people will say. I know that so many are trying so much to gain exposure that they are often times willing to do free work a lot, which isn’t always wise. It is even starting to go backwards where some publications and sites will tell photographers they need to pay to submit their work. I do worry what the industry will be like 5 years from now. If its becoming like this already.


What is your current gear setup?

I own a Canon 5DMKII, 85mm 1.2, 50mm1.2 and 24-70mm 2.8 and the usual studio lighting but I prefer natural light more than anything.

What is your favorite photography accessory?

My new Kelly Moore Bag!!

What is your favorite lens and why?

My 85mm 1.2 – that stays on my camera body most of the time. I love it a lot, It’s ideal for portraiture especially. ( I love shooting portraits)

What lighting equipment do you take on a regular shoot if any?

None, sometimes a reflector if outside. I will use a 1 light setup when I absolutely have to use a light on location. I’m not much into studio lighting to be honest and still learning the different was of lighting. Starting to get the hang of some styles.

What is your favorite computer/editing accessory, other than your computer? How about software?

Adobe Photoshop of course :)

Are you a Mac or PC lover?

Actually, I have always used windows – but I have an iPhone, iPad mini and iPod… so I guess I’m caught between the two.

Do you plan on buying any new equipment in the near future and if so what do you have your eyes set on?

Actually not really. I’m content with what I have at the moment! I’m not much into collecting gear. I know what equipment I prefer to use and usually stick with that for quite a while.

Your work really inspires myself and many others to pursue photography in a wider degree. What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such amazing imagery?

Well, a lot of things can be inspirational. I see things here and there and it can trigger ideas for me, I love observing paintings and illustrations a lot as well. Also I’ve always been a huge fan of fairy tales and fantasy.

What has been your most memorable or favorite project and why?

My Rosé Red shoot. It just turned out better than I imagined it would. I think also because I am obsessed with the color red.

rose red

Do you have or ever use an assistant/2nd shooter that accompanies you on an projects?

The only time I will require a second shooter is at a wedding. I have had assistants here and there, mostly they are students from the local college who are doing their practicums.

Do you have a website and/or blog you visit often? How about forums?

No, but I have many sites that I visit, searching for new stuff all the time. I have never been one to take part in forums. Sometimes they are more drama than they are helpful. haha

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about being an artist?

Being unique. I have always wanted to stand out and do my own thing. Also, trying to re-create and do your own twist on things that may have done before. That can be a big challenge.

Is there a particular person in your life that you could say has taught you the most out of anyone you know?

I wouldn’t say there is a particular person, but many people who have helped me a long the way with their knowledge and being an inspiration to me and my work.
1. Melissa Rodwell
2. David Leslie Anthony
Those two have been a big inspiration for sure!


What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My photography of course. =)

What is your greatest fear?

To get stuck or stagnant in my work. I want to continually evolve!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Oh wow, This sounds so cliche, but I would definitely try and help some people out with it first. Then I would move from where I currently live in a flash to re-locate to a fashion oriented city, like NYC or Montreal..etc…

And the last question, if you had one wish…

I want to eventually work for major campaigns, like an editorial for Gucci or Chanel etc!



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