Monday 19th February 2018,
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500px – Top 10 Conceptual Portraits

This is our first Staff Pick Top 10 “Conceptual Portraits” from 500px. These are various photographs that I discovered this week on 500px. My personal favorites, in so specific order they are all equally unique and beautiful.


ingrid endel

1. Resilience by: Ingrid Endel

“Which kind of tree are you? Resilient or ready to fall into the river of constant change and turbulence?”

Flicker, Twitter, Facebook, 500px


The Traveler doneweb


2. The Traveler by: Brave Planet – Tara Lundrigan

“Haven’t done a creative shoot in a while, so we went to the thrift store and picked up 2 mason jars, 2 candles, and a pair of old school dress pants and set out to find the perfect spot in the forest.”

Website, Facebook, 500px


ahmed m abdulazim


3. Watching…by: Ahmed M. Abdulazim

500px, Flickr, Facebook


anna theodora


4.  Tales from the Black Book of Enchanted Princesses by: Anna Theodora

“Self-portrait with a pigeon. What if Snow White were using her powers for evil?”

500px, Website, Twitter


audrey simper


5. When I’m Small by:  Audrey Simper

“Girl in a dreamworld carrying large fruit.”

500px, Flickr, Facebook


tomislav Moze


6. Daydreams by:  Tomislav Moze

“Styling: Petra Teresak – MUA: Dunja Tomic – Model: Nikolina Nuic”

500px, Website, Facebook


demon arsenal


7. Зеркальное отражение души by:  Demon Arsenal

500px, Website


vincent bourilhon


8. Smoking as Gandalf by:  Vincent Bourilhon

“Gandalf my friend , it will be a night we never forget …”

500px, Website, Facebook


marina gondra


9. Undiscovered World by:  Marina Gondra

500px, Website, Facebook


brooke shaden


10. Battle At Cliffside Hill by: Brooke Shaden

“Four years ago almost to the day I began photography, and the first concept I wanted to do when I started was the one above. I had no idea how. I had no idea how to figure out how…it was all a mystery. I did so many other pictures since then that I was able to work through, but this was the first idea I ever had and it felt out of reach. Finally last year I practiced it and liked the outcome, but just tried to redo it and decided to share. There are so many awesome pictures of cross-sections by editing masters, so I have come to learn since my original thoughts went into the conception of this image (like Aaron Nace – wow, awesome!!) but to me, if something was original to *you*, then you should pursue it, and so I did…a 4-year itch has been scratched for me.”

500px, Webiste, Facebook

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