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5 Free Resources For Photographers & Designers

5 Free Resources For Photographers & Designers

Today’s resource entry includes 5 Free Resources that many photographers could find valuable for either inspiration or a little extra hand. Remember, never download templates or presets and JUST use them as they are. Learn from them, experiment and try to improve. Every photograph is different and presets are not meant to work on every image the same. Use these resources to learn and grow, do not get lazy, and always try to improve your techniques.

1. 8 Lightroom Presets Website Resources

1. Presets Heaven

Presets Heaven is laid out in blog format, so you have to spend some time looking through each post to find presets you like. They do make it easier by providing plenty of before and after photos, as well as popular posts.

They feature presets of their own, as well as ones submitted from other users.

They are our favorite for the simple reason that they offer so many free presets!

Visit Presets Heaven.

2. Pretty Presets

Pretty Presets has a vast collection to choose from. Most presets are geared towards wedding, engagement, or portrait photography, but they can be adapted for use in other situations as well.

They do not offer any free presets, but show a lot of examples, so you know exactly what you are getting before you pay for it. You can find something similar to most of the presets they offer elsewhere, but the fact that they have them categorized nicely and all in one place makes the price a little more attractive.

Visit Pretty Presets.

3. Camera Dojo

Their preset pack is a collection of “essential” settings to correct common problems like under/over exposure and white balance plus some extras.

Visit Camera Dojo

4. Seim Effects Free Lightroom Presets

Seim Effects is an easy-to-navigate collection of free presets with a wide range of purposes. Each effect has a before and after shot to help you decide whether it’s worth downloading or not.

Visit Seim Effects Free Lightroom Presets

5. Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets

The name might not be as catchy, but Adobe hosts some pretty good presets submitted by users. Some cost money but the majority of them are free.

Visit Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets

6. Laconic

Laconic has 5 different sets for download, each containing 23 presets. They have some of the most unusual presets out of the whole bunch and are fun to experiment with.

Visit Laconic

7. onOne Software

OnOne has put together a free pack of over 190 Lightroom presets with a few before and after photos to help you get an overall look at what they do. They do, however, have text descriptions of all of the presets so you know what to expect.

Visit onOne Software

8. Presetpond

Thanks to thomasfal for turning me on to this one. Looks like they have some free and premium presets, but you must be signed in to download anything.

Visit Presetpond

2. DaFont – Free Creative Fonts

DaFont is one of my favorite font resources. It literally has thousands of free fonts created by some very talented designers. These are great to use when creating promotional advertisements for your business or for your next big project.  Basically an archive of freely downloadable fonts. You can browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.


3. Collage Templates for Photoshop and Lightroom

As always, try to steer clear of templates, but we understand that not everyone is a Photoshop wizard. Here are over 100 free collage templates.

Photoshop/Photoshop Elements

4 Photoshop Storyboards by Soul Focus Photography

8 Photoshop Collage Templates by Ginger Pixel

1 Photoshop Storyboard/Collage Template by Dawn Mikulich

1 Photoshop 30 x 30 Storyboard Template by Kim Bear Photography

2 Photoshop Storyboards by Sarah Gourdie Designs @ Photo-Treasury

89 Photoshop/Photoshop Elements Storyboard Templates and Actions by The CoffeeShop blog

4 Wedding album templates with several page options by Sweet Kisses and Cakes

1 Photo.Love.Free Storyboard by Sofia’s World


21 Lightroom Collages Templates by Halina Photography

5 Templates by Kelly Colson Photography

If you wish to learn how to make your your own storyboards, check out the following link by Allison Torgensen Photography.
How to Make Lightroom blogboards/storyboards by Allison Torgensen Photography

4. Free Photography eBooks

eBooks are a great source of information. Just remember that not everyone knows exactly what they are talking about. It’s important to verify anything you learn across multiple platforms. Be leary of any eBooks that make you click on ad’s or ask for a credit card. I have not had the time to go through all of these, so please use your best discretion.

Photography Post Processing eBooks

5. Free Stock Photography

Stock photography can be expensive, and with today’s abundance in freelancers out there, a lot of high resolution quality photos can still be found online for free. These are ideally useful for those that need some extra design elements or are doing photo manipulation composing various images together to create something new and surreal. Here are 12 stock photography websites that offer free downloads.



stock.xchng is probably the most popular service which provides free stock photos.

It has 1000s of high-quality images which are very well categorized. Usage requires a free membership.



MorgueFile lets you to download photos without registration & it has a very open license to use images on almost any type of work.

Besides the free photos, it has an online classroom which teaches about photography & a crowded community discussing in its forums.


openphoto is a very straightforward website with no details & extras. It simply presents the photos in categories.

Most of the images are licenses with CC:Attribution-ShareAlike (photo used).

Photo Rack

Photo Rack

PhotoRack is a great resource for stock photos where all images can be used in any type of work.

It surprisingly lacks of one thing: a search function.

unprofound is an awesome site which is ran with an amateur spirit.

There are lots of free stock photos to browse, they can be filtered by colors & they are totally free.

Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock Photos

The site offers thousands of photos which can be used in commercial projects as well.

Photos can be browsed quickly, a popular images page shows you what’s hot & more. Download requires free membership.

FreeDigitalPhotos offers both free & paid versions of images where the free versions are limited in size and requires a link back to the photographer.

Photos are categorized in detail & no registration is required.

FreeFoto is a huge resource with a bunch of categories & their sub-categories.

Licensing is mostly offers an attribute for online use or a non-commercial offline use (photo used).


Although FreePixels isn’t the biggest website, almost every photo included are high quality & beautiful.

They can be used in any type of projects an attribution is required (written or visual).

Public Domain Photos

Public Domain Photos

The website has ~15,000 free stock photos & cliparts listed. No registration is required.

And, as the name states, the photos presented are very open-licensed.



The website is relatively different than others. It offers downloads as design packs of 15 images.

Although it doesn’t have a large database yet, the sets presented are pretty impressive.

Everystockphoto is a website which indexes images from other stock websites.

They are currently offering a search for ~5 million images.

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