Monday 11th December 2017,
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3D Penicl Drawings by: Nagai Hideyuki

Nagai Hideyuki, a 21 year old artist from Tokyo, Japan has a very AWESOME series of 3D artworks…using only paper and pencils! They are exploding online, and for a good reason. His art actually defines the term “mind-blowing.”

His set up usually consists of two sketchbooks, at a 90 degree angle with one another [seen below].
One of my favorite things, a super cool trick is he incorporates props into his work. This inclusion of actual physical objects breaks down a barrier between his art and the ‘real world’. Also because he is brilliant, each art piece is from a different angle, or viewpoint…in this case it is extremely important to do something like this because these pieces can only been viewed from a specific angle. This keeps your brain more stimulated while viewing his art, making each piece even more original then the next.


You can find Nagai online on his personal Website, DeviantART and Facebook. Be sure to check out his entire portfolio! We’re looking forward to more awesome work from this up and coming artist!



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